Thursday, April 17, 2014

Open to the possibilities...

I am just coming off taking almost one week off to rest and relax. As much I needed this break, I found that I spent almost the entire time alone. Single 20 plus years and counting, this is not anything new to me. What is different is a growing desire to share what little free time I have with another.

I may have grown a bit too comfortable in my solitary life. What makes it more challenging for me is the need for balancing the public persona with my private life. This past week off was a direct result of this need.

How could I expect another person to be placed at number 4 or 5 on  my priority list. I am no closer to finding a solution than I was 10 years ago. Save for one simple difference. I now have a desire and willingness to at least entertain the possibility.

I have written extensively about the devil I know and the lure/trap that lies in living with that type of fear based reality. Growth for me has been in my ability to step outside my comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

Today, I will be open to the possibilities that the universe continues to provide. As long as I am willing to receive the gifts that comes with it.

To the journey,
Buster Sly/ Sylvester Lee Neal

Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A stroll down memory lane past present and future events...Just a few of my favorites.


This too shall pass...

Putting things in perspective. These past two weeks I have come to appreciate just how much I have come to rely my close friend and Web Designer extraordinaire, Dan Truesdale of True Design.
Along with Andrew Adam Caldwell the two of them have literally been the foundation that I have come to depend on. Dan had to take some personal time. And address things much more important than what was going on in my world.
I am grateful to see him back. I am also glad for the years ...of therapy. Which kept me from having abandonment issues.
Much love to you Dan Truesdale and Andrew Adams Caldwell. This separation anxiety was a humbling experience.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

It takes what it takes. And at the end of the day. Acceptance is the key to keeping my serenity from being challenged.

Today will be much like yesterday with me spending most of the day getting to know the two new additions to the team. It is important that we all here speak as one voice. This means I have to allow them access to sometimes intimate and private parts of my life.

It was a bitter pill to swallow the first time I came to that realization that very few things I do these days are what can be considered private. That is why I cherish the moments I have alone. Such as in a library where I am able to find much need solitude.

I am not complaining by any means. I chose the path that I am on. I can easily chose not to continue. Life is beautiful that way in its simplicity. As long as I stay out of my own way.

Buster Sly

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