Friday, October 2, 2015

Club Diamant on Twitter “@BusterSlyXXX very good actor and profesional. See you on our club diamant :)”

I will return to Club Diamant Just outside of Barcelona for their grand opening October 8th,9th and 10th. I had a blast being interviewed by a local TV station along with the photo shoot.
Honored to be asked to return and be a part of the historic opening of Club Diamant. I have provided a link to their home page on twitter for more details of the festivities. Come Join me along with the beautiful cast of performers, escorts and more.
Buster Sly

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Link to my homepage for any looking to contact me (work related Inquaries)  I have available a solution to those who are seeking to contact me on business related subjects. It is increasingly difficult for me to sort through such request on my social media sites.
I have provided a link to my home page where you will get a direct line to address such request as hosting events, Mainstream film, Volunteering for non profit organizations to assist in raising funds as well as private parties that can include performances with myself and porn stars I have worked with in the past and or will be in the near future..

Monday, September 28, 2015

Placing strangers before family, friends and work...

When I am asked to stop what I am doing and just give a few minutes of my time to someone I do not know, Even after I have explained to them how little time I have for my own family. And still have the person try explaining to me how if I only took the time to get to know them we could become friends,

I have heard all that I need to hear. No friend of mine would ever make such a request. Nor would I make one to another. It is a price that I pay daily. Looking for a balanced way to live. There is not enough time in the day while I am traveling for me to stop what I am doing to give someone I do not know that is not work related my undivided attention.

My serenity is something I hold dear and making time for me. Is equally as important as work, family and friends. I spend 4 hours minimum a day managing social media sites. Responding to messages and more. That is enough for me.

I am grateful for the expressed interest. But my cup is full.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Time a much more precious commidity than any currency

It is something that is often times asked and frequently demanded of me on the social media sites. My choice is a no brainer. Spend my life on the computer responding to such request. Or Find a place where I am comfortable with the time spent on a daily basis and accepting the limits placed by myself so that my serenity is not challenged,

I receive requests stating that a person wants to get to know me. Only a few moments of my time is asked. Or better yet to go on line and Skype in the nude(really). Flattered I may be.  Yet I see it for the trap that it is. Never has one been satisfied with just one encounter. There are many who make this request of me daily. Most all are unaware or simply do not care of the cost accrued by me.

An alternative has always been available. One that allows me to justify spending time that I hold in such high regards. There is a place on my home page under contacts. There you will find a means to schedule time in advance. Payment of this time can be made in a variety of ways. If this is not palatable to you? I promise I will survive.

Note I spend 2.5 hours a day responding to messages on the social media sites. That my friends is a substantial amount of time. Anything more and I would not have time to live.

Good journey,
Buster Sly

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lost in translation...

I recieved a whats ap message today. The person did not identify himself but it was clear the number was given to him by me. There is a good chance that I had shared the number within an hour prior to getting his text.
I asked him if he would be so kind to identify himself because the number was not one I was familiar with. His response was unfortuately not surprising. He was offended that I did not know with whom I was speaking to. Once more I will state the message was not accompanied by a name or point of origin.
I attempted to address what he considered an insult. Should I not know who he was? I stated a basic fact regarding the amount of data I attempt to manage on a daily basis. My number is posted on most of my social media sites. Often enough I get calls and text messages from people, many of which no prior contact had ever been made.
It behooves me to ask the question in the beginnig when no identification is given. I am in the porn idustry material shown on my sites are of the adult content and not for anyone under the age of 18. The burdon to keep adult content that I post on my sites falls at my feet.
I do not send naked pictures on line for this very reason unless it is a secure site. I have no way of knowing who is making the request. If by chance you have had a similar experience with me like the one I am sharing today? Know that even when I attempted to explain why I made such a request to this person. He was still put off. Believing that I was boasting.
Unless there is some common ground between two people whatever the topic might be. One must always be mindful not to project their personal experiences onto another potentially coming to the wrong conclusion.
This person is likely never going to give me the benifit of the doubt.That being in the world I live in. I have to accept my limitations and the resentment that those shortcomings cause when I do not meet the expectations placed on me by someone who I have never met.
Sorry did not have time to proof read...
much love buster sly..

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