Sunday, December 25, 2016

BUSTER SLY: Do I want to be right and win an argument or be he...

BUSTER SLY: Do I want to be right and win an argument or be he...: I do not believe in being brutally honest. The message is always lost on the person who is on the receiving end of the conversation. If I ...

Do I want to be right and win an argument or be heard?

I do not believe in being brutally honest. The message is always lost on the person who is on the receiving end of the conversation. If I want the person to understand how I was effected negatively by their behavior or an action taken by them? I will share in a non threatening tone. I refrain from blaming the person for what ever ills I might believe they played a part in and share how their actions effected me in a adverse way. So not to have them default to "fight or flight" survivor mode. Hearing nothing that is coming out of my mouth.

If after I have shared about how I was harmed by a behavior or action taken by them. And they chose not to make some type of compromise/agreement to prevent it from occurring again? I know to cut my losses stop investing any energy on a person who has little to no interest in how I feel.

Is it better to understand or be understood.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

AT best Empathy is the most we can offer or fellow humans. We should tread lightly when you form an opinion based sorely on your point of reference

have been working diligently with my social media manger to prepare for the up coming trip to Europe in June. He is a good investment of my time.  Something that I place a greater value than any currency.

I share this about me with the hope that some light is brought to what i do when on line and how oftentimes. A perceived aloofness for not responding in a timely manner can lead to one or both parities having unrealistic expectations.

Based on their life experiences which could never be the same as another soul.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unrealistic expectations

Time is a much more precious commodity than any other currency.
At the top of the list of things I spend my time on is family, work and friends.
If you're seeking my undivided attention and want me to place you above all others? There is a place where you can go to schedule an appointment. My home page under contacts.
I average two hours a day responding to messages on the social media sites alone. A balanced life away from the industry is key to my serenity.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Interview part 3

Check out @MisterWOE's Tweet:

Top 5 reasons why I choose to stay in hotels while traveling

I am grateful to  anyone who offers to open their home to me while I am on the road. The opportunity to eat a home cooked meal almost makes me jump at the chance. Note food will always be at the top of  "what makes Sly happy list". Yet there is a risk that is taken when I accept such an offer. The following are a few examples I have had the misfortune to experience first hand.

1. "Don't mind me, Go back to sleep I am just sucking your cock." Really, at 3am I woke to a person under my sheets.  I politely removed his mouth from my cock. Packed and checked into a hotel.  He still ask me whenever I  visit San Diego if I wish to stay in his spare bedroom

2. Attempts at "pimping me out". The host tells his friends that I am visiting and decides to have a sex party. First of all, I have nothing against a good romp session. What I take issue with is being taken out of the decision making part. It is important for me to know exactly who you are inviting. They very well may be one of my stalkers. Do you think that person is going to share that there is a restraining order placed on him. This happens far too often and my response is always the same. Invite someone in my name without my consent and just as the guest start to arrive I will depart. Once more checking into a hotel. 

3. "I promise you will not even know I am here" famous last words. As a guest, It is my responsibility to share with a potential host what my basic needs are in order for me to be able to accept their offer. No food in this case is not the most important. My ability to work on my computer uninterrupted. Unlike most people, I can work anywhere that I am able to access my WiFi. That means long hours on the computer. Yes even up to but not limited to 11 hours. A host who demands my attention and is put off when I share that I am still working is not a good fit for either of us. 

4. Changing agreed upon expectations upon arrival. I will always take you at your word. Prior to staying with a host for the first time I try to be clear as to what their expectations are and share mine. If we both find each others concerns agreeable? Then upon my stay they decide to make adjustments without my consent. One example which has happened often enough, Which range from overt to direct demands for sex. I do not care how hot you might think you are. The fact that we did not agree upon this in the beginning, reeks of a hidden agenda. A person gets no brownie points for being deceptive. If you are sexually attracted to me and want to fuck? There is a place for that on my home page under contacts. I suggest you use it. Promise to be more receptive.

5. Poor hygiene, I do understand when a person just does not feel like washing clothes or cleaning their house/apartment. Please do not wait for me to arrive and then ask me to help you. Really, as a guest it is my responsibility to leave as small of a footprint as possible. Meaning that I clean up after myself. Do not ask me to clean up after you. It is likely I will volunteer to help anyway. But give me the chance to do so and not expect me to be your house keeper. 

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