Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dore Alley my second year

Dore Alley for me was a stark difference from the first time I attended. This time I got into the spirit of things by dressing appropriately would that be inappropriately. You decide,  it was simply fun.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A recent picture I posted on Facebook that had me banned for 24 hours

How would you define the following pictures? All of which got me in hot water with face book. Is it erotic or artistic in nature?

For some just showing your backside would be considered erotic/pornographic.  While I am on the other end of the spectrum. Unless there is an erection or people are fucking, it falls into the artistic realm.

 Simply being nude should not automatically make the picture fall into to the erotic category. In the United States we are spoon fed at an early age, the body should be clothed at all times save for ones bedroom. Nudity in public places are discouraged if not outright banned.

Andrew Adam Caldwell took these pictures...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Entitlement and how it is viewed in by my eyes...

People with a since of entitlement is a character flaw that I find most revealing as well as unattractive. In my travels I have walked with the very rich and the very poor. I do not speak of wealth in the monetary way that most people view the world we live in. I write about the souls who have enriched me. The people that I seek out and remain quit as the give freely what was given to them. Hoarders of knowledge, not one among them.

Fear is an afterthought it does not hold sway in their house. I did not not know that such wealth existed. Throughout my childhood and as a young adult. Fear ruled over me. When I found my truth, my journey took a different path. One that challenged old beliefs. Replacing them with character traits that come from a place of compassion, tolerance,

The world around me is a very different world today. I see the demons that walk among us. I see the end game. My question to you is a simple one. Why do you not see them too. Hatred is what they preach. Divide us and get us to fight against each other while they poison your very soul.

It is easy to fear that which we do not know. so long have they been force feeding us this message that it has become the truth. It is a lie. Put it in the light and it dissipates. Listen to their words with your heart and you will see them for what they are.

No one is more deserving than the person next to you.  No one is more deserving than you.  When I see someone with that false since of entitlement, all I see is a scared insecure soul who will do anything to change the reality that they live in to make it safe for the to walk outside. Look to the Supreme Court Justice to see for your self what extremes such people are who have sub come to fear.

I have never made a good decision in the grips of my one fear. Have you? Have you been so beaten down that you have simply accepted the world for what is instead of what it shall return to.

In my world I see angels they walk among us. They help shape me into being more of  what I have always been meant to be. I see the possibilities and I am not afraid of the unknown. I am alive today because I want to know more experience more and share with those who want to listen that which was so freely shared with me.

In the immortal words written in the pages of Dune. "I shall not fear...fear is the mind killer...I will face my fear and let it pass through me...and when it is gone, only I will remain."

Hope springs eternal.

Buster Sly
Sylvester L Neal

The Real Me...

If you are interested in getting to know me, the real me all anyone has ever needed to do was read my entries.
I find it most insulting, when I am asked by a friend (using this word loosely), who wants to know the real me.

The real me, does not invest time in someone who has not bothered to invest any time in at least reading the basic information I have posted on my sites.

Note here this is not about my ego. Over the span of five years I have written on a variety of topics. Things that have made me the man I am today. The man I aspire to be in the near future.
When I read request made on Facebook and other sites
in the social media  asking to know" the real me". My take on that person is a simple one.

1. He or she thinks that I am a liar. And everything that I have written is fictional.
2. They are too lazy too read anything about this person they have expressed an interest in.

3. They are illiterate, but may not want to share it.

For any that falls into the last category. My sincerest apology. This is not about you. In the future, I will have to find a creative way other than writing to interact with you.

For all that fits in the first two categories, this is for you.

It is insulting and you will get nothing from me other than patience. Along with a prayer, that one day soon. You will be able to see pass your nose. What saddens me most is the people who I am writing about would never take the time to read this message.  And just as they will not get to know the real me. I also will never have a chance of getting to know them.

Is it better to understand or is it better to be understood. Most often both are needed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Check out @thalist2013's Tweet:

The state of or nation through very different eyes. Leaves me wanting...

I rarely have time to keep up with the news these days. But after having a conversation with a wonderful lady who is the mother of the owner of the house where I live when home in Seattle.

We had never met until two days ago. I have posed the following question in the past. Is it better to understand or be understood? I would say to anyone who has been keeping up with current events. Far to many people are not taking the time to see the complete picture. It is not that they are conservative, liberal, African American, Anglo-Saxon, Latin or any other race.

Fear and ignorance is the root problem and it is systemic. I have much hope, for both can be overcome. All it takes is the ability to really see the complete picture or be willing to see other peoples points of view. When this is done. Two people who have never met on opposite sides of the spectrum at first glance, will find they are more alike than different. For any meaningful relationship based on trust to occur. One of the two people involved must be able to understand where the other is coming from.

When a person feels that what they have said has truly been heard. They tend to become willing to hear what you then have to say. Compassion and empathy should always rule your house.

I was blessed with an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. She felt comfortable enough in me as time passed to really share her concerns. Once she new that there would be no judgment or condemnation from me on any subject more was revealed. I also felt the desire the share what was appropriate for me to share.

It is not important for me to disclose my profession. It is not who I am. It is simply what I do. And tailoring the message so that it will best be heard. Is part of who I am.

Please do not live your life where the decisions you make are motivated by your fears. They tend not to be the best choices. I look forward to getting to know much more about this beautiful lady who reminds me of my grandmother. And if it is not too late I will be calling her to hear more about the world we all share.

Buster Sly
 Sylvester Lee Neal

Saturday, June 21, 2014


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