Friday, May 28, 2021

"Innocent people plead guilty all the time."

 "Innocent people plead guilty all the time."

Those words came from the first of three attorneys who would be assigned to represent me at a court in Seattle, WA.

I was still getting my bearings--fresh off a plane after being detained in Austin, Texas, for three months without ever being told the charges. (But that's a story for another time.) So I listened as carefully as I could.

I learned a warrant had been issued because I failed to appear for a court date, a warrant that had been mailed to my home address while I was out of the country in Canada for six months. My attorney informed me that I would be allowed to post bail under personal reconnaissance. With the understanding that I would not be able to travel for work. I told her that my job required me to travel and asked for an explanation. My attorney explained that the judge took issue with being in the adult entertainment industry. Specifically the gay adult entertainment industry.

Usually when you have a job that requires you to travel the judge will make exceptions to allow you to continue generating income while you're waiting three months for your court date. My job had nothing to do with the charges brought before me. I told my attorney that I would continue to work knowing full well what the consequences would be upon my return. I went to Canada to work. As expected I was detained by customs at the airport in Seattle WA. When I had the opportunity to post bail the judge allowed me to do so under personal recognizance. But not without asking me if I understood why I was arrested by customs? I answered, “I had bills to pay and I had to work.” I had more work scheduled for me in Canada. I return to Seattle where the same sequence of events occurs. I stood before the judge he asked me “Why don't I just quit my job?” I answered, “Will you be paying my bills for the next three months?”. I was allowed to post bail under personal recognizance. Not surprisingly I found myself before the judge the third time for doing the same thing as the first two times. Before standing in the judge. My attorney had informed me that he would not be allowing me to post bail. The judge stated, “I don't believe you respect my authority?” I replied, “Respect is a gift given. I tolerate you because I have no other choice. You haven't given me a reason to respect you.

Handcuffed I was taken back to my cell. “As long as you're willing to suffer the consequences of your actions…” I heard these words some 30 years ago from a stranger sitting next to me on the plane. She was talking to me about her irresponsible son. I remember asking her if she knew my mother.

This is a good place to stop for now more tomorrow.

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