Friday, May 28, 2021

"Innocent people plead guilty all the time."

 "Innocent people plead guilty all the time."

Those words came from the first of three attorneys who would be assigned to represent me at a court in Seattle, WA.

I was still getting my bearings--fresh off a plane after being detained in Austin, Texas, for three months without ever being told the charges. (But that's a story for another time.) So I listened as carefully as I could.

I learned a warrant had been issued because I failed to appear for a court date, a warrant that had been mailed to my home address while I was out of the country in Canada for six months. My attorney informed me that I would be allowed to post bail under personal reconnaissance. With the understanding that I would not be able to travel for work. I told her that my job required me to travel and asked for an explanation. My attorney explained that the judge took issue with being in the adult entertainment industry. Specifically the gay adult entertainment industry.

Usually when you have a job that requires you to travel the judge will make exceptions to allow you to continue generating income while you're waiting three months for your court date. My job had nothing to do with the charges brought before me. I told my attorney that I would continue to work knowing full well what the consequences would be upon my return. I went to Canada to work. As expected I was detained by customs at the airport in Seattle WA. When I had the opportunity to post bail the judge allowed me to do so under personal recognizance. But not without asking me if I understood why I was arrested by customs? I answered, “I had bills to pay and I had to work.” I had more work scheduled for me in Canada. I return to Seattle where the same sequence of events occurs. I stood before the judge he asked me “Why don't I just quit my job?” I answered, “Will you be paying my bills for the next three months?”. I was allowed to post bail under personal recognizance. Not surprisingly I found myself before the judge the third time for doing the same thing as the first two times. Before standing in the judge. My attorney had informed me that he would not be allowing me to post bail. The judge stated, “I don't believe you respect my authority?” I replied, “Respect is a gift given. I tolerate you because I have no other choice. You haven't given me a reason to respect you.

Handcuffed I was taken back to my cell. “As long as you're willing to suffer the consequences of your actions…” I heard these words some 30 years ago from a stranger sitting next to me on the plane. She was talking to me about her irresponsible son. I remember asking her if she knew my mother.

This is a good place to stop for now more tomorrow.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Doing the right thing for selfless acts or selfish reasons... works for me.

My planned trip to Houston this past weekend ended up being a bust. I have taken pride in not owning a vehicle for quite some time choosing to have less of an impact on the environment by doing so. Amtrak is one of my favorite mold of transportation sometimes I feel like I am the unofficial spokesperson for the company. unfortunately, I'm not on the East or West Coast so I have to resort to using Greyhound or Megabus. If you go to their website you would be led to believe they have taken steps in reducing the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus. This is far from the truth. 

Saturday morning was my 1st attempt to travel to Houston. Greyhound was my mode of transportation at least up until I notice a large number of people lined up to catch the same bus. A few were not wearing masks. I chose not to board the bus. The following day it was more of the same at a competing company called Megabus. Once more I chose to put my safety and consider the well-being of those I would be coming in contact in the near future first. This choice did not come without consequences in the form of lost revenue.

There are so many more who don't have the luxury to choose and are forced to ride the bus in conditions the CDC Strongly advises against.

For the individuals who lack the compassion to be Concerned about others. Choosy not to hold the companies accountable Have real-world consequences and everyone's daily life. Unless you live on an island by yourself. The chances of you running into someone who's been on a bus and leave him additions pretty high they shop at the grocery store their work in your homes We handle the food you Consume. Putting your health at risk.

My apologies for those that were affected by my choice and not visiting Houston. I will return in the very near future likely catching a ride with a good friend.

Thank you for your understanding Buster sly.....

Monday, May 25, 2020

Random acts of kindness. I don't think so.

I dislike the coined  phrase "practicing random acts of kindness"
Kindness is not something that I practice but how I live. It is never random.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Quality time

Enjoying the weather here in the mostly sunny city of San Diego. Always available for a one on one webcam talk clothing optional. Ask for details at

You must be of 18 years or older of course.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Balance is my Holy Grail...

BE DIRECT WITH YOUR INTENT.  I am grateful to anyone taking the time to write to me.  Balance is my holy grail. "Hi, or sup" speaks volumes. I am more likely to respond to a direct text message before "hi or sup". I try to be respectful of your time and ask that you afford me the same courtesy. If you haven't seen any of my work?  No worries, neither have I.  If interested use a search engine type "Buster Sly" to access free clips, interviews, and pictures as well as all my social media sites where my number is posted (the best way for your message to be seen in a timely fashion).

I continue to struggle with finding the proper balance with work (includes social media) and time away from the work. Isolation has been my go-to solution for the latter. A solution for me is to find the proper boundaries. Empathy is my undoing. It is a party for me and something that I cannot simply turn off. My struggle internally to reconcile with 2 conflicting aspects of my character.  The need to have relationships where I can be vulnerable nurturing the real part of me that believes it takes a village. While "I am an island" comforts the part of me which knows far too well what the dark side of being open to injury (vulnerable) has taken me. Being on the receiving end of a child molester and stalkers more than I care to count.

Perfect in my imperfection I remind myself. It is a journey of one. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Pictures were taken by Andrew Adam caldwel

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I do not reward bad behavior.

I am currently a diamond member for Wyndham and platinum member for choice hotel lines I am extremely dissatisfied with them both. As a diamond and platinum member, one should receive certain benefits such as late checkout free upgrades when available. More than half of the times that I have stayed in the hotels I was denied upgrades. Even when plenty of rooms where available. Getting a late check out if offered is the exception, not the norm. When seeking assistance from the corporate offices or both companies. I would receive the standard answer. Throwing their collective hands in the air. Taking no ownership by hiding behind "The hotels' are a franchise or privately owned and there's nothing they can do". When I stay at a choice or Wyndham hotel I'm staying there because I have certain expectations based on that name And what they profess to offer in services and amenities. To say there's nothing we can do is horse manure. Their inaction gives the green light To these hotels to continue business as usual.  Rewarding bad behavior.  Like Congress with the president.

I have invested a lot of money With the expectation that Brand loyalty would be rewarded. Sadly this is not been the case Business as usual continues at Choice and Wyndham Hotels. The devil you know no longer works for me. I have tried to address this problem but it is falling on deaf ears. 

I'm on the road 9 months out of the year And before I invest In another hotel chain. This lesson is taught me To take the time, In the beginning, to make sure that I find A hotel chain Pat is consistent with the services offered and the benefit that come with being a loyal Customer.

I Should have jump ship a long time ago. But having invested so much money to become Platinum and diamond level members at Choice and Wyndham hotels. For a short time the benefits outweigh the cost now that is changed I no longer see any benefit And saying When I get absolutely none of the perks promised for being a loyal custom.

My money will no longer Be spent companies who only do lip service to promises made. For Wyndham and Choice Hotels the cost has yet to outweigh the benefits of continuing business as usual. I do not reward bad behavior.
I do not reward bad behavior.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Whites only...

On an average year, I'm on the road for 9 months. This affords me the opportunity to frequent the same city. As well as visit The same hotels. The phrase "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem." Comes to mind.  There are hotels that I had stayed in before That is so blatant with their profiling. With no concern of consequences for their actions. When calling the corporate office I get the same response every single time and that is to say that it is a franchise and the company is independently owned.

I said to them bullshit. As a platinum member and Dimond member or both Wyndham and Choice Hotels. There are certain perks that one Expects to receive For spending the amount of money it takes to make it to that level.  I have stayed in hotels where they have flatly told me that there are no rooms available for a free upgrade. Intern I've logged on booked the room that they claimed was not available and went back downstairs to inform them of their error. Refusal of the room Has me contacting customer service corporate office. Just to have them hide behind This is a franchise And is not owned by Wyndham Or Choice And there's nothing they can do save for me filing a grievance. And it ends there.

I have had a hotel tell me they did not accept my credit card. And never had they excepted the credit card at that location. This is after I contacted the booking agent who called that same hotel to inform them that I had stayed there 5 times in the past using the same credit card.

Portland, Hollywood, and San Francisco are the worst offenders. It must be noted that there's also a very large population of homelessness in these three cities. Which is a subject that needs to be addressed separately? When the corporate office does not hold the hotels accountable.  They are giving the green light To this practice of profiling to continue. I will begin documenting and posting on what I will call the wall of shame All hotels that I encounter which practices this behavior.

Less I become guilty of doing the same by not bringing this practice to light.

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