Thursday, November 19, 2015

Acceptance and humility...key tools used on the road to living a balanced life under the spottlight

I have to post the following message from time to time. I will apologize in advance to friends and fans who have been with me for some time now. You have read the likes of the following message before.

I am eternally grateful to anyone who takes the time to write me. One of the toughest pills to swallow has been my coming to terms with my own limitations. When I first got into the Industry, I made it a point to respond to every message. I soon came to be spending most of my waking days online. This for me is not living and I am unable to keep my social media sites relevant.

There is a price that I pay for the success. It was a life lesson in acceptance and humility. The first (acceptance) was a bitter pill to swallow. Ego was the motivation behind my need to spend most waking days responding to messages. It was important that you did not think I was someone who did not care. Even at the expense of neglecting family friends and my own serenity. Once I was able to identify my character defect. I returned to a solution based perspective. Balance, in all things is the key for me. It is what my life journey is about.

Humility, was just as tricky. There is no one in this world that I put on a pedestal before me. It is not something that I covet for myself. It is a trap, One that I would not want to fall into. Perfection is the only way to survive if you chose this path. I god I am far from. If you allow someone to place you above them they will turn on you when they see your humanity/flaws.

My parents where the last two deities that I toppled. When that happened they became more than just my mother and farther. They became my friends perfect in their imperfections.

Do not ask me to give up living life and experiencing all that it has to offer. The answer will always be no. I cannot respond to 99% of the messages. The ratio is 1 to 20000. Do the math. It is an impossibility. Learning to filter the hate messages that came with people who believed I was being rude by not responding to them was necessary yet hurt all the same.

 Many will not read this. It is an unfortunate fact. I have been in the entertainment industry for only 6 years. I have made many rookie mistakes. I had no mentors. There was no how to manual. In hind site, I believe this was a good thing. I came to being in my own unique way.

If anyone ever wants to get to know the real me? All you have to do is visit any of my social media site especially the blogs. I am an open book and like my parents. I am perfect in my imperfections.

Much love to family and friends for being patient with me as I continue to grow up and find my own unique way of living in this environment we call the entertainment industry.

Andrew Adam Caldwell​ took the first picture

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